Energy Storage

Mingyang has developed essential energy storage components like Power Conversion System (PCS), 

Energy Management System (EMS), and Battery Management System (BMS), 

offering "energy storage+" solutions for power, grid, and user applications. 

This creates an intelligent, lifecycle-managed energy storage system with smart scheduling.

Advantages of Energy Storage Products

  • Long lifespan

  • Strong safety

  • High reliability

  • High integration

  • High intelligence

Three-phase energy storage inverters

RE-key series distributed liquid-cooled cabinets

Wind-cooled energy storage integrated systems

Liquid-cooled energy storage integrated systems

Energy Management Systems

Battery Management Systems

Advanced Energy Storage Technology

  • Damping Technology for Power Grid Oscillation
  • Virtual Synchronous Generator Technology
  • Virtual Power Plant Technology
  • Intelligent Temperature Control Balance Technology

Damping Technology for Power Grid Oscillation

Energy storage systems mitigate power grid oscillations through advanced intelligent impedance self-identification technology, enhancing the impedance in new energy sectors. This effectively dampens the oscillations in new energy fields and prevents additional losses due to system-wide oscillations.

Virtual Synchronous Generator Technology

To address the limitations in frequency regulation and frequency stability of new energy systems, a grid-connected energy storage inverter featuring virtual synchronous generator (VSG) technology has been engineered. This inverter actively contributes to grid stability, enabling automatic frequency and voltage regulation.

Virtual Power Plant Technology

Distributed energy technologies, enhanced by AI and big data, now feature real-time load forecasting to mitigate peak shaving and frequency regulation issues. This approach, coupled with electricity and carbon trading mechanisms, is designed to increase commercial and industrial project revenues.

Intelligent Temperature Control Balance Technology

The liquid-cooled battery PACK utilizes automotive-grade liquid cooling plates with low flow resistance, achieving higher integration and uniform heat dispersion, keeping temperature variance below 3°C. The container's multi-tiered cooling pipeline design ensures flow deviations stay under 10%, with an overall system temperature variation of less than 5°C.