Green Energy Open Service Cloud Platform

The MySE-OS platform, an industrial internet solution for digital energy, merges IoT, big data, AI, and visualization technologies.
It offers smart energy management for Governments, Enterprises, Industrial parks, and Eco-partners.
Structured with edge, platform, and application layers, MySE-OS facilitates digital, intelligent energy management,
delivering comprehensive solutions for the green evolution of new power systems centered on renewable energy.

Application Layer

MySE-OS features multi-user management tailored to the unique administrative traits of regions, users, and eco-partners, enabling customized configurations and negating the need for individual system development. This approach streamlines operations and curtails management expenses.

Platform Layer

Data from the edge layer is integrated with the IoT platform, enabling comprehensive energy information sensing. The big data platform dynamically optimizes data storage and processing, standardizing operations for efficient data management and insights. The AI platform streamlines the entire process from data prep to model development, enabling swift learning and analysis model construction.

Edge Layer

MySE-OS gathers real-time energy data from a wide array of assets and monitoring devices, such as fans, photovoltaics, storage units, charging stations, and more, through its control system or dedicated collection equipment, and feeds this information to the IoT platform. This facilitates the digital transformation of infrastructure by enabling seamless integration of both traditional and smart devices.

Core Advantages

Microservices Framework

Flexible framework, easy to scale

Privacy Technology

Data transmission encryption
Data Decryption
Sensitive Data Handling

Mass Connectivity

Multi-source heterogeneous data access
Supports 10 million device volume horizontal expansion
Support PB-level massive data storage and analysis
Thousands of concurrent task scheduling

Flexible Deployment

Private Cloud Deployment
Public Cloud Deployment
Localised Deployment

Industry Precision

Self-developed algorithms and models
Standard Object Model Library
Common data governance strategies
Frequently used indicator library, theme library


Flexible construction of visualisation components
Digital twin 3D modelling
Extensive library of industry and scenario 3D models

Energy Management
Energy Statistical Analysis
Energy Consumption Assessment
Dual Control of Energy Consumption
Energy Consumption Early Warning

Carbon Asset Management
Carbon calculation
Carbon account management
Carbon neutrality calculation
Carbon emission control
Energy Efficiency Analysis
Industry Equipment Energy Efficiency Database
Energy Efficiency Benchmarking
Key Energy Consumption Monitoring
Equipment Energy Efficiency Diagnosis
Equipment Health Management
Equipment Health Analysis
Equipment Remaining Useful Life Prediction
Equipment Fault Diagnosis
Equipment Fault Prediction
MES Production Management
Equipment Inspection Optimization
Equipment Maintenance
Equipment Repair Optimization