Intelligent Site Technology Solutions

Integrated Solutions for Smart Wind Farms

Functional Configuration Plan for Smart Wind Farms

Five Key Elements of Smart Wind Farms

Intelligent wind turbine
Environment self-adaptation, state self-awareness, motion self-optimization
Personnel Safety,Vessel Safety, Perimeter Safety, Network Safety, Data Safety

Intelligent Inspection

Drone intelligent inspection, industrial robot equipment inspection, camera AI image analysis

Co-operative control
Swarm coordinated control, self-learning yaw, adaptive pitch, feed-forward control

Intelligent operation & maintenance

Fault warning, equipment health management, key component life prediction, intelligent fault diagnosis, operation and maintenance scheduling

An intelligent wind farm in Abaga Banner, Inner Mongolia

The project in Abaga Banner, Inner Mongolia, achieves significant cost reductions through streamlined management and data-driven operations. With a 5 million RMB investment in personnel, it enhances data application value and establishes a robust, interconnected data system, facilitating intelligent enterprise decision-making. Operational savings are substantial, with a reduction in management and local staff leading to over 600,000 RMB in personnel cost savings and nearly 10 million RMB in inspection fees. Additionally, by mitigating power generation loss, the project is estimated to cut direct costs by approximately 80 million RMB annually, resulting in an economic benefit of more than 10 million RMB.

Source-network load storage