Solar Power

Mingyang has pioneered the third-generation solar energy technology,
excelling in advanced heterojunction, chalcogenide, and CdTe thin film photovoltaics.
Our scientists from Global Research Institute focus on technology that reduces costs for high-efficiency cells and accelerates mass production.

The Next-Generation of Heterojunction PV Technology Leader

Mingyang, a leader in next-gen heterojunction PV technology, is committed to "innovation-driven, efficiency leading" principles. We focus on developing ultra-high-efficiency N-type cells and modules, aiming to establish a world-class manufacturing hub for high-efficiency PV cells and modules through innovation.

SOL-IFIC SERIES High Efficiency HJT Module

More efficient, more reliable


High Efficiency HJT Black Module


High-efficiency heterojunction (HJT) bifacial dual-glass modules


High-efficiency heterojunction (HJT) bifacial dual-glass modules


High Efficiency HJT Black Module


High-efficiency heterojunction (HJT) bifacial dual-glass modules


High-efficiency heterojunction (HJT) bifacial dual-glass modules


HJT Cell Efficiency

Useleading microcrystalline technology

Ming Yang's HJT module efficiency exceeds 22.6%, achieving higher power output and higher yields under the same area scenario, the installed capacity is increased by more than 7%; under the same installed capacity, it occupies less land and has lower BOS costs.


Lower Temperature Coefficient

Stable yield in extremely hot climate

Ming Yang HJT modules have a lower temperature coefficient (-0.255%/C), i.e., the average daily operating temperature of the product is lower than that of the traditional PERC modules (-0.35%/C) under the same external temperature environment, which greatly reduces the loss of power generation in high temperature environments, and effectively ensures the stability of power generation of the modules in the high temperature region.


High Bifacial Rate

Up to 90% Provide extra benefit

Benefiting from the heterojunction bifacial symmetrical structure, the bifacial ratio of Ming Yang HJT modules can reach more than 90%, bringing higher backside power generation gain, and more than 10% power generation gain compared to PERC modules.

30 years

Linear Product Warranty

First Year Power Degradation <1.0%

Annual Degradation < 0.35%

Ming Yang's HJT modules have low power degradation, with first year power woe <1.0% and yearly power degradation <0.35%, and the products provide 15-year process warranty and 30-year linear power warranty, which enhances the overall investment return of the project.

Application Scenarios

Diversified product application settings, providing high-quality & efficient clean energy solutions

Utility (covering deserts, mountainous areas, etc.)

Mingyang Soli-fic series modules feature high conversion efficiency, low operating temperatures, double-sided power generation gain and high stability, which enhance the overall power generation revenue of the power station across multiple dimensions.

Commercial and Industrial

Ming Yang customized solutions for distributed industrial and commercial scenarios in different regions and industries to help customers achieve better overall benefits.


Selected aesthetic design, higher power of the new generation of HJT modules, offering flexible installation, Providing a 30-year linear power warranty, and better clean energy use experience

Offshore photovoltaics

Facing environmental adversities like tidal forces, high temperatures, salt spray, and extreme weather, Mingyang offers robust frame and encapsulation technologies designed to meet the specific demands of offshore solar installations.

Photovoltaics + Agriculture (fishery, agriculture, tea plantation, etc.)

Mingyang is actively innovating in photovoltaic-agriculture synergy, enhancing scientific development and optimizing the use of light and land resources.

Photovoltaics + Transportation (smart vertical photovoltaics for transportation, intelligent photovoltaic carports, etc.)

Mingyang, tailoring to the transport sector's needs, advocates for the convergence of photovoltaics with transport infrastructure, such as "photovoltaics + parking" and "photovoltaics + highways," aiming to streamline the synergy between power production and usage.

Perovskite Solar Technology

Perovskite solar cells, as the next generation thin film photovoltaic power generation technology, have been extensively investigated by many enterprises at home and abroad. As a future technology with great potential, its industrialization process is being accelerated.

Mingyang has obtained the efficiency certification report of perovskite solar cell devices issued by Fujian Institute of Metrology (report number: 23Q3-00319), and the test results show that the conversion efficiency of perovskite solar cell devices (inverted structure) achieve 25.11%, reaching the world leading level for the inverted perovskite (PIN) structure.


Conversion Efficiency of Perovskite Cells

Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) Photovoltaic Glass

  • High Safety

    It can eliminate the damages and risks associated with hot-spots.
  • More Cost-effective

    Fastest energy payback time

    Better performance

  • High Efficiency

    With superior temperature coefficient, spectral response and shading behavior, CdTe pvmodule generates higher energy output than traditional crystalline siliconmodule.
  • Intergrated with Architecture Design

    Fully customized in design, color, size, transparency, structure and technology.

BIPV Customized Solution Shape,size,color, pattern,transparency and structure can be customized.


Mingyang PV Module Color glazed series

Mingyang PV Module Gorgeous series

Mingyang PV Module Semi-Transparent Series

Mingyang PV Module Stone Style Series

Mingyang PV Module Colored Series

Mingyang PV Module Colored Series

Mingyang PV Module Colored Series

Structure can be customized as building requirements.


Double-Glass Structure

Triple-Glass Structure

Laminated Hollow

Double Laminated Hollow

Cadmium Telluride Photovoltaic Glass

Mingyang has the world-class equipments for solar cellstechnologies, we have built a state-of-the-art facility capable of fabricationand testing of thin film solar cells and prototyping mini modules. We have the first hundred-megawatt-level photovoltaic glass production line withproprietary intellectual property, equipped with the manufacturing capacity for3.2mm and above 5mm CdTe chips. The certified cell conversion efficiency exceeds 21%, andthe module conversion efficiency exceeds 17%.

Application of CdTe PV Module

Our products have been extensively applied in traditional power stations, building rooftops, facade, sun room, canopies, low carbon transportation and smart city solutions.

BIPV Building


Rural & Agriculture

Distributed Power Stations

Smart City

Low-carbon Transportation

Plan consultation