Smart Energy Power Plant

Mingyang is a leader in clean energy, with expertise in wind and hydrogen energy storage,
and a commitment to innovation and strategic growth through its specialized investment platform.
With a robust foundation in technology and finance, our reach spans over 20 Chinese provinces,
and its global projects include both developing and operational wind and solar energy initiatives.

Service advantages

  • Informational
  • Optimal Operations
  • Tower Innovations

End-to-End Project Excellence

Holistic project planning and life cycle control involve strategic management, emphasizing the project construction plan as the value source. Guided by design leadership, robust process management, and an intelligent project management system, we achieve business and process digitalization. This enables comprehensive project oversight, ensuring controlled progress, quality, and safety in construction.
Quality-Driven Construction
Establishing design benchmarks, making quality projects management priorities, organizing scientific plans, executing high-standard construction tasks, and integrating comprehensive ecological restoration for green, civilized construction, and environmental protection.
Continuous Improvement through Standardization
Implement lean practices, identify and mitigate pre-construction risks, proactively address potential issues, optimize project costs while ensuring quality, safety, and progress. The goal is to reduce levelised cost of energy (LCOE) and achieve greater accessibility to renewable energy.
Optimal Operations
Mingyang's smart energy plants boast an enhanced safety and management system, streamlined by standardization and information management for greater operational efficiency.

Smart Security Control Platform

Leveraging face recognition and advanced technologies for remote collaborative monitoring, enhancing on-site safety management. Real-time operation management at station, branch, and headquarters levels ensures zero safety production accidents.

Production Information Management Platform

Utilizing data analysis to identify equipment issues, analyzing station equipment operation from multiple dimensions, and enhancing equipment efficiency.

Electric Power Transaction Auxiliary Platform

Formulating trading strategies through modeling and analysis of meteorological data and power grid disclosure transaction data.
Tower Innovations
Mingyang advances super-high tower tech with 140m and 160m hybrid steel structures and a first in 170m precast concrete towers at Luoshan, Henan Province, overcoming low-wind challenges and enhancing efficiency with lower build costs. We continue to innovate in tower design, launching pilot projects in diverse wind regions.


Mingyang strategically set up equipment manufacturing bases in key locations such as Yangjiang, Xinyang, Zhangjiakou, Daqing and Changling,
earning national accolades for exemplary projects. Recognized by government and peers, we have enhanced clean energy's reach and economic growth in local areas.
Jishanliang 330kV Substation
In 2018, Mingyang collaborated on China's inaugural private substation in Jingbian, Shaanxi, spanning 32.26 mu. This pivotal facility boosts renewable energy integration and power distribution in Guanzhong and Northern Shaanxi, refining the regional power grid, easing consumption issues, and fostering the renewable energy sector's robust development.
Baotou Shiguai Integrated Project
In July 2023, the Baotou Shiguai 200 MW photovoltaic farm was commissioned. The whole project features systems of 200 MW PV, 70 MW wind, 54 MW / 108 MWh energy storage, and 1500 Nm3/h hydrogen production eletrolyzers. With 1.26 billion yuan in fixed assets investment, it produces 523 million kWh of green electricity and 400,000 tons of green hydrogen for industrial parks annually.
Yangjiang Qingzhou 4 Offshore Wind Project
China's pioneering offshore wind project, distinguished by record-breaking distance and depth, utilizes 25 MySE 11-230 and 19 MySE 12-242 turbines for a 500 MW capacity. It generates 1.83 billion kWh of clean energy yearly, offsetting 570,000 tons of coal and cutting SO2 emissions by 11,000 tons and CO2 by 1.4 million tons.
Lingbi 50MW Wind Power Project
Mingyang's groundbreaking 160-meter ultra-high steel-concrete tower project, equipped with MySE 4.0-166/173 wind turbines, sets a new standard for low wind speed and high shear conditions. This pioneering effort in domestic wind power technology has earned the prestigious "China Wind Talent Pioneer Award."