Mingyang is dedicated to advancing the deep-sea smart fishery sector,
advocating for a more informatized, intelligent, and modern approach to marine fisheries.

Superior Products

Jacket Wind Turbine + Net Cage Integrated Equipment
This equipment simultaneously achieves offshore power generation and fish farming,
collects and analyzes aquaculture data, enabling intelligent farming.
The water volumes of the net cage is between 5,000~15,000 cubic meters,
produces 75~200 tons of fish annually, and can withstand up to a level 17 typhoon.
Typhoon-Resistant HDPE Aquaculture Net Cage
The cage system possesses fully independent intellectual property rights and can withstand up to a level 17 typhoon.
It is the first successful application to the "Offshore Wind Power + Marine Ranching" project in China.
Floating Smart Aquaculture Net Cage
Net Cage is suitable for waters deeper than 35 meters and can withstand up to a level 17 typhoon.
It incorporates an intelligent fisheries system and living facilities.
The water volume of the net cage is between 50,000~80,000 cubic meters,
produces 700~1,000 tons of fish annually.
Large Column-pile Enclosure Aquaculture Net Cage
The water volume of the cage is between 100,000~300,000 cubic meters,
it can withstand up to a level 17 typhoon, produces 1,000~3,000 tons of fish annually. It has the function of tourism.
Fixed Smart Aquaculture Net Cage
It can be deployed in diverse seabed conditions, withstands up to a level 17 super typhoon,
and the water volumes of the cage is between 50,000~100,00 cubic meters.
It produces an annual output of 700~1,300 tons. Additionally, it features intelligent capabilities and serves as a tourist attraction.

Product Value

  • Modern Aquaculture Equipment
  • Intelligent Fisheries System
  • Marine Energy Island
Modern Aquaculture Equipment
Our marine ranching equipment, enhanced by intelligence and modernization, is adeptly designed for deep-sea deployment. Its array of diverse types caters to a spectrum of requirements, holding the promise of significant economic advantages.
Intelligent Fisheries System
The system features smart aquaculture hardware and an AI platform that collects all monitoring data to deliver the most efficient farming strategies.
Marine Energy Island
The marine energy island, a green "zero-carbon" haven, integrates offshore wind, wave power, seawater hydrogen, ranching, and tourism, heralding the future trend in marine energy.

Product Applications

“Offshore Wind Turbine + Marine Ranching” Model
In August 2021, Mingyang launched its innovative fish cage in the Yangjiang sea areas, which successfully yielded a rich harvest by January 2022. The cage, bolstered by advanced technologies, has withstood multiple typhoon challenges, maintaining optimal functionality. This milestone heralds the successful establishment of China's inaugural model combining offshore wind power with marine ranching.
“Mingyu No.1”
In August 2023, the "Mingyu No.1," a pioneering smart system for wind and aquaculture, was built in Yangjiang, Guangdong, achieving a 5,000 kg fish haul by November. Resilient against extreme weather, it fosters fish growth with its pristine water and contributes to the marine economy by merging power generation with deep-sea farming.