Zero Carbon Park

Decentralized energy infrastructure, coupled with energy storage and smart management, balances supply and demand in industrial parks.
Adopting energy-saving practices, like air compressors and efficient electrical gear, transforms consumption patterns.
The goal is to achieve 100% green, cost-effective, and secure "zero carbon" electricity for the park.

Zero Carbon Eco-Park: Energy-Saving & Green

Industrial Carbon-Neutral Transition Pathways

Value Plan

Clean Electricity
Achieving "zero carbon" emissions through 100% green electricity usage.
Low-cost Energy Supply
Green electricity trades at lower rates than local benchmarks, cutting costs for businesses.
Electricity Self-sufficiency
Developing an Industrial Park Energy Station for Sustainable Power Supply.
Carbon Lead Pricing
Enterprises with high energy demand offset their carbon emissions by buying quotas, facilitated by the industrial park's 100% green power supply. This strategy not only reduces carbon cost but also enables access to green energy incentives and partial tariff benefits, promoting carbon neutrality.
Clean Electricity
Low-cost Energy Supply
Electricity Self-sufficiency
Carbon Lead Pricing


Internet Data Center “Zero Carbon” Campus

Low-cost Stable Green Electricity

billion kWh
In collaboration with IDC firms Tencent and Alibaba, we have established a "Zero Carbon" park adjacent to their Zhangjiakou centers, integrating direct power connections with smart energy solutions and hydrogen turbines for a balanced, cost-effective green electricity supply. Tencent's East Garden project exemplifies this, offering 5.6 billion kWh of stable green power yearly, mitigating renewable energy curtailment and garnering support from local government and industry.
Zero-Carbon Energy Hub for High-Consumption Enterprises

Low-cost green electricity

billion  kWh

In a deep partnership with Beijing Jianlong Group and other major energy users, we have built the pioneering source-grid-load-storage project in Shuangyashan, Heilongjiang, delivering 6.25 billion kWh of affordable green power yearly. In Chengde, Hebei, we leverage Jianlong's special steel and collaborate with Mingyang's Zhangjiakou facility to enhance the wind power equipment industry's supply chain.